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Nature's God Given Gifts was established in 2017

Nature's God Given Gifts

Nature’s God Given Gifts is an Egyptian local small scale natural oils Artisan producer of cold pressed oils, carrier oils, therapeutic grade & food grade essential oils aswell as therapeutic synergy oil blends.

All NG3’s oils are pure therapeutic food grade oils & can be used as healing oils for countless ailments, also for cosmetic treatments for hair & skin, aswell as for cooking etc…

Our essential oils are extracted via steam distillation from a wide array of botanicals.

Our Plant Seed oils are extracted via the cold pressing method.  This method guarantees that the oils are Virgin, don’t loose their vital properties & retain their benefits. Not only that but the oils produced are unfiltered, unprocessed, unadulterated & not hydrogenated. We confidently guarantee this because the extraction methods & processees are meticulously done by ourselves at our very own facility in Cairo from local safe agriculture seeds, &  botanical plants, their leaves, fruits, pulp, peels, twigs & resins.