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Celery oil

EGP 215.00
Celery oil is a cold-pressed oil extracted from celery seeds, providing a range of health benefits.…

Dill Oil

EGP 260.00
This product infuses dill flavor into culinary dishes, adding a unique and delicious flavor.…

Thyme Oil

EGP 260.00
Thyme Oil is a flavorful culinary oil that adds a unique flavor to dishes. It is made by infusing thyme into a base oil.…

Basil Oil

EGP 300.00
This oil is made from basil and is perfect for adding flavor to culinary dishes. It is a great way to infuse your cooking with…


EGP 300.00
This product is a culinary blend of rosemary and other herbs, designed to add flavor to dishes. It is a convenient way to add the…

Marjoram Oil

EGP 260.00
Marjoram Oil is a culinary oil that infuses dishes with a unique flavor. It is a versatile ingredient that can be used in a variety…